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by Owl like creature

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released October 29, 2015

Carousel, Till The End of The Day, Broke The 6
(Andrew Pendergrast on Keyboard)

(Nathan Weeks on Lead Guitar)



all rights reserved


Owl like creature Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Carousel (OLC ver.)
timid fingers
tips oh so isolated
each one to no one
reach out to someone

shacking hands
please oh please worry no more
not from flesh but bone and soul

waiting for the ride to end
to leave
to go home
Track Name: Till The End of The Day (OLC ver.)
deep into the night
walking the same road
i can't stop thinking i have no control

tangled wires
static toed

deep into the night
lost and belly full
staggered away
nobody knows

tangled wires
static toed
Track Name: Pure
ugly little prick
you spat on me
spiteful little bitch
you dont know what you want
sex is old like your complaints
why even bother with me
are we happy now

finger loose i dropped the ball
it got away
for another day
for another day
time's forever
told myself that i wont ever do that again
mistakes happen

so its all okay now
must be nice to be you
so pure
Track Name: No Sugar Please (OLC ver.)
come walk with me
listen to me
hear what i have to say
i'm not the brightest but at least i'm honest about how i really feel
what's the point of relying always on someone else

bad luck is my name
forged it all in vein
there is so many of me
more to count than trees
Track Name: I'm Sorry
monotoned lullaby
it's all right
i dont mind
everywhere but how
feels good, take a drag

a day, a night
take one
lay down
ball up
close your eyes
adieu to you

sad songs of you hurt me too
we know this like the color of the moon

im sorry
im sorry
its not what you want
im sorry
im sorry
thats all to say
Track Name: Sophos (OLC ver.)
say what you want, i don't mind
you all shot me from behind
with a sigh
told a lie
hit me in the eye
always talkin

i tried to hide my bed demons
but they're come to curse the living
cursed us all

i saw a ghost in the woods and it told me we're all alone
one more thing though you've got know
i can see right though you
Track Name: Broke The 6 (OLC ver.)
wall to wall
making sounds
bounced to nothing
nothing to nothing

i tried to please you
i tried to please them
this is getting old
i've changed

i broke the 6
so then theres 5
no need for that
no need for them
i've changed

dont you know
you should know
after all it's for rent

people come and go
like summer and spring
im getting used to it
so fucking used to it
i've changed

i broke the 6
so then theres 5
no need for that
no need for them
i've changed
Track Name: 4
from the morning to evening the day seems empty
no bucket can hold all the thoughts in me
from the evening to night
the moon in clear site
always feeling alone with the murky sky

no moon or star can hear my cry
as i play this song with a silly meaning
sure i may be just a little bit crazy
but the mind is evil
deceiving but pleasing

and i will share from the good and bad
from the good and bad
and i will spare you from the grief that holds you
consistent but molds you

but the mind is evil
deceiving but pleasing